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This game is Bananas B-a-n-a-n-a-s! Looking for a fun game that could also be used to build social skills or partner play? Look no further!


Bananagrams is a game of wordplay and tiles that even comes in a banana shape bag. There is an online version that will be played during Brain Break. There are 144 letter tiles for multiplayer games and 75 for single players. You could adjust this game for the classroom further by using syllable types, reducing the number of tiles, adding an adult or volunteer player to the game, or even playing it whole class in between center rotations to reduce transition time.

What you’ll need:

Prep work:

Little to no prep work is needed for the classroom. You will need working internet if you want to play the online version.  If you want to create your own game, you may want to print, cut, and laminate letter tiles.

How to play: (official rules from Bananagrams app)

  • In multiplayer games, each player begins with the same number of tiles.
  • Drag and drop tiles onto the game board to form words. Properly formed words will highlight in green. Once all of your tiles have been used to form valid words in a contiguous manner on the game board, you will hear an audible “PEEL” and another tile will be distributed to each player in the game.
  • You may get rid of a tile by dragging it over the “DUMP” section of your tile bank. Your tile will be returned to the pool and you will be given three tiles in return.
  • A winner is declared when there are not enough tiles to be given out and the winning player has formed valid words with all of their tiles.


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