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I am sure that you have heard of the five-second rule when it comes to dropping food on the floor. However, playing the game is much more enjoyable and way less gross.

Five Second Rule

This is a game of quick thinking and strategy. One player reads the category and the other player must give three topics that belong in that category in five seconds. You could use this easily in your classroom some examples include: math shapes, science classifications, and characters in books.

What you’ll need:

Cards with categories or a copy of the game

A timer

Markers and a whiteboard or some way to keep score

Prep work:

You can create cards for your students to play this using your subject area on cardstock come up with a 5-second timer online or on your phone.

You can also purchase the game online.

Determine ahead of time how many rounds you want to play.

How to play:

  • Read a category from the card. The other player or players will name three things that fit that category, but you only have 5 seconds! 
  • If the person can successfully name three, go to the next card. Each time they get a card correct they get a point!
  • If they are unable to name three or the time runs out, play goes to the next player!
  • If you do not agree, play pauses while a solution is found (a quick search).
  • Category ideas for play: colors, numbers, starting with a certain letter, animals, TV, movies, and songs.





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