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Want to know what all the Buzz is about? It’s a game called Buzzword. It’s a fun and easy way to practice vocabulary, promote teamwork, and gain problem-solving strategies.


Buzzword is a game that you can use in teams to practice vocabulary or play with words. In the classroom, have students think of their own Buzz Words to use with their classmates. Students could create Buzzwords based on content knowledge or literature. This would be a great student vs. teacher game for the end of the school year.

What you’ll need:

  • Cards or slides with Buzzwords and Clues
  • Timer (you can also use a computer, phone, or watch)
  • The game is owned by Play Monster. You can purchase the game here.

Prep work:

Create slides or gather cards to use in two teams.

How to play:

Use paper or the board to keep score. Use a watch, phone, or computer to keep time.
One player or teacher will be the designated “host”.
The BUZZWORD will be found at the top of each card. That word is contained in the answers to each of the five clues.
Read the BUZZWORD aloud. Then read the clues in order from one to five.
The opposing players have 45 seconds to answer the clues. The first player to guess aloud correctly gets that point. Go on to the next clue. If both teams pass, you can move to the next clue, BUT once you pass you cannot go back to that clue.
When 45 seconds is up, play is over! The host can say, “Buzzzz!”
The team with the most points after the last card is the WINNER!




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