Madlibs – Brain Break Games

BreAnn FennellBrain Break Games

Want to review parts of speech and have a great giggle after? Try Madlibs for your classroom.


The reader asks each writer, in turn, to call out a word. The word may be an adjective, verb,
noun, or whatever the space calls for. You then use the words to fill in the blank spaces in the story.

What you’ll need:

A copy of a Madlibs pad or an online version.

You can also find an educators guide here.

Prep work:

Prep is easy! Print and play!

How to play:

One player, the reader, selects one of the Madlibs stories. The reader does not tell what the story is about. The reader will ask the writers to give them words that fit that part of speech that matches the description. The words are used to fill in the blank of the story. The reader then reads the completed story which may result in laughter, fun, or a really goofy story.




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