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Want a quick game for the end of the year? Starting Summer School with new students? This is a getting-to-know-you game that has a little pizzazz.

If I Were…

If I Were is a game that will encourage players to picture themselves in different ways. In the classroom setting, you could use content area knowledge to allow students to explore their ideas deeper. Putting themselves in the place of characters and having them explain their reasoning could be great for Language Arts. Turning to their imagination for picturing themselves as a gemstone for Geology could be fun and informative as well.

What you’ll need:

A list of possible questions to deliver to the player(s).

Prep work:

Very little prep work is needed. Creating the questions for delivery is all this game really needs. You could choose to have props for this game to add a visual component.

How to play:

The host of the game would call out the prompts and give each participant a turn to respond. Have students dig deeper to tell why or have other players guess why if the class knows each other well.

Some examples:

If I were a tree I would be…

If I were a movie I would be…

If I were a type of nocturnal creature I would be…

*inspired by Team Building


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