Lightning Scavenger Hunt – Brain Break Games

BreAnn FennellBrain Break Games

“Looking” for a way to increase engagement? Look no further than this scavenger hunt game.

Lightning Scavenger Hunt

Lightening Scavenger Hunt is a fast-paced game consisting of looking for objects and showing them to the group. This game can also be played virtually! Fun for kids or for building teamwork with adults.

What you’ll need:

  • A list of items for seeking
  • Computer or laptop, if virtual
  • Items around the classroom

Prep work:

Very little prep work is needed for this game. Just have a list of items that your students will find. Set a goal for your purpose for play.

How to play:

Everyone has to start at the same place. If you are in a digital environment, everyone needs to be sitting in front of the camera so they don’t have an advantage by standing. The teacher, leader, or host will read the item to search for and everyone goes to find it. You may have participants explain how the item fits the description.




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