Bananagrams- Brain Break Games

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This game is Bananas B-a-n-a-n-a-s! Looking for a fun game that could also be used to build social skills or partner play? Look no further! Bananagrams Bananagrams is a game of wordplay and tiles that even comes in a banana shape bag. There is an online version that will be played during Brain Break. There are 144 letter tiles for … Read More

Press Conference – Brain Break Games

BreAnn FennellBrain Break Games

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Want to get your students using interview questions and reviewing concepts from your biography or social studies unit? Try this game of action and wit in your classroom! The Game: Press Conference Press Conference is an improv game that involves 3-8 players. What you’ll need: A microphone (or pretend microphone) is optional. Prep work: … Read More

Game-Based Learning: Evaluating Math Games

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TL;DR: Game-based learning is a great way to engage students in exploring a math concept in a new way. Not all free (or even paid) math games are created with equal care and research. Math games have an incredible opportunity to affect students’ mindsets about math, confidence in their abilities, perseverance, grit, and so much more. However, not all math … Read More

5-Minute Hacks for Playing at Home

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TL;DR: There are many activities that can be done to keep kids entertained without breaking the bank. 5-minute hacks for playing at home include The Floor Is Lava, Cardboard Kingdom, Fort Building, Kitchen Band, and Family Portraits. Have you been wondering what you can do at home without breaking the bank? Want some ideas to send home for the winter … Read More