Leveraging Voice with Susan Young

Deb SoholtBlog, Influential She Podcast

This episode features the High Leverage Practice of Voice with Susan Young.  It’s your worst nightmare – learning that your fifteen-year-old daughter has been sex trafficked right under your nose for 1 ½ years.  Susan brings voice to this incredible horror that shattered her entire family.  Her compelling story will open the eyes of all to understand that it can happen anywhere, at any time, to any family.  With incredible strength and courage, she and her husband took this “living death”, and started to piece their  family back together.  All will be inspired by how Susan rose from the depths of despair to become the “voice for the voiceless”.

Susan Young, a subject matter expert and surviving parent, has trained thousands of personnel, private entities, doctors, law enforcement, houses of worship, teachers, and communities across the nation and around the world about the dangers and indicators of sex trafficking. She has worked alongside governors and the U.S. Congress to ensure proper legislation is passed to prosecute the traffickers and provide aid to victims and their families. Susan knows that trafficking not only affects the victims themselves, but the family as a whole and is tireless in her advocacy for needed changes,

Susan is the Founder/CEO of the Parent Coalition to End Human Trafficking which she started in 2017.  With a mission to bridge the gap for families struggling to overcome the devastation left by traffickers. She created a support curriculum to aid families in their journey toward healing, provides guidance to locate resources, helps others navigate the criminal justice system, and delivers support for siblings and other family members. Susan has participated and led numerous conferences, delivered training, and provided mentorship and advisory at all levels of government and industry.  Additionally she is part of a call-in center for parents and victims all over the world, providing information, aid, and support.  www.preventht.org