Leveraging Story with Jenny Q & Myshkin Warbler

Deb SoholtBlog, Influential She Podcast

This episode features the High Leverage Practice of Story with Jenny Q & Myshkin Warbler.  In 2014 Jenny became dramatically ill, fighting sepsis for her life.  Losing both legs below the knees, five fingers and multiple organs, enduring well over fifty surgeries and rising above opioid withdrawal, her story is one of always making the choice to step into life.  This is her tale shared through the voice of her beloved wife Myshkin, about how woven strands of support showed up from around the world to hold them when all seemed lost.  Jenny and Myshkin will inspire all with their lived story of always choosing love, joy, and community, even when life is in the darkest place.

Jenny Qaqundah, born to Palestinian immigrants, is an R.N. and an herbalist that opened the Grateful Desert Apothecary in Joshua Tree, CA.  In 2018 she published Held Together:  A True Story of Love’s Victory, a collection of vignettes from the perspectives of a community that rose up becoming warriors in the fight for her life.

Myshkin Warbler is a poet and a musical artist with over three decades of celebrated work in independent music.   In 2018 she released Trust and the High Wire, songs that form a narrative of finding growing love through some extraordinary hardships.  

Together Jenny and Myshkin created a worker owned company, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Grateful Desert and opening a second location, Grateful Rain, in Astoria, Oregon where they live with daughter Yazzy.  Creating a production that weaves their talents and stories, they have shared the Held Together journey with multiple audiences in the country.