Leveraging Connection with Megan Peppenelli

Deb SoholtInfluential She Podcast

This episode features the High Leverage Practice of Connection with Megan Peppenelli, PhD.  As a scientist following an untraditional path, Megan illuminates how deep connection – both with yourself and others – ultimately requires disconnect.  She shares “Living in the uncomfortable is where you grow.  And it can be a really crappy process.  When have I outgrown this thing that I’m in?”   Willing to be vulnerable about the “truth of the matter”, Megan opens up about imposter syndrome and how to move beyond what society has told you to think, or be or to do.  As a pursuer of authentic connection, Megan will inspire all to want the same!

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Megan Peppenelli is a medical scientist with a passion for bringing cutting edge cellular therapies to market and healing at the individual level. As a clinical instrument specialist with Miltenyi Biotec, she manages  6+ state territories, advancing customer cellular therapy pipelines in academic, non-profit and industry settings. She has an extensive background in cellular therapy, graft engineering, bone marrow transplant, CAR-T cell therapy and cell manufacturing.

Following a non-traditional education path, Megan grounded herself at a community college in art, which since has informed her desire to seek wholeness in her work.  She has a PhD in immunology from the University of Arizona, with a postdoctoral emphasis in Virology.  She is passionate about clinical cell therapy, following the cell to the real person, and works on the leading edge of individualized cancer therapies.