Leveraging ‘As If’ with Rae Hughart

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So jazzed to be listening to Rae Hughart on the #InfluentialSHE podcasts! Click To TweetThis episode features the High Leverage Practice of “As If” with Rae Hughart.  Rae struggled mightily with special learning disabilities in math, reading and writing.  Defying all odds she has become a teacher extraordinaire, now inspiring 11 year olds in math. Sharing “If you’re going to struggle in life, then you better go out fighting hard”, Rae’s story is one of “proceeding until apprehended” and having her influence grow beyond what she ever could have imagined!

Rae Hughart is a Middle Level Math Educator in Illinois, the CMO for the Teach Better Team, TEDx Speaker, and author of “Teachers Deserve It” and “Teach Better” books.

Growing up with IEP support after being diagnosed SLD in Reading, Writing, and Math, Rae has worked with other educators and districts on designing mastery learning classrooms nationwide to reach all learners.

Rae continues to facilitate rich discussions with educators around mastering personalized learning, providing targeted student-focused feedback, and the impact of incorporating purpose into student daily learning. Through building partnerships with local businesses, Rae shows the impact of teaching beyond the four walls of a classroom and altering a community into an authentic resource for developing leaders.

After being inducted into The Illinois State University Hall of Fame in 2017, Rae was awarded the 2018 First Place Henry Ford Teacher Innovator Award for her innovative educational impact through the Teach Further Model. Additionally, Rae serves on several Educational Boards including the role of Vice President with the Association of Illinois Middle Schools (AIMS). In 2021, Rae Hughart presented on the TEDx stage challenging educators, students, and community members to consider progressive, data supported practices to further 21st century learners.  www.teachbetter.com