Leveraging Story with Molly Weisgram

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This episode features the High Leverage Practice of Story with Molly Weisgram.  A raw and emotional podcast, Molly shares her story of facing the unimaginable when her husband suddenly becomes a quadriplegic on a ventilator in a matter of days with no promise of a full recovery.  With a career and mom with four children, she shares the anger that fueled her ability to keep moving forward, and how the trauma and horror helped her discover that she was so much stronger than she ever thought.  Molly will inspire all to keep the door open to possibility, even in the worst of times.

Molly is the author of The Other Side of Us: A Memoir of Trauma, Truth, and Transformation, a beautifully crafted story that takes readers to the depths of calamity and the heights of restoration.  Just when it seems that all is lost, this young family climbs their way to a new life.  

 Molly earned her undergraduate degrees in English and Psychology and her master’s degree in Communication Studies from the University of South Dakota. She studied with the Centers for Spiritual Living and graduated from its Spiritual Practitioner Program in 2017. The Other Side of Us is her debut book.  Molly and her husband Chris live in South Dakota with their four children.    mollyweisgram.com