How to Become a Connected Educator

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In This Post: Connecting is what has moved humanity forward. Why becoming connected is the best decision you can make as an educator. Becoming a connected educator is not just about connecting on social media. There are many ways to be connected. A Brief History Lesson Whether you realize it or not, you’re lucky to be teaching right now at … Read More

Give Students a Voice and Teach Them to Build a Better World

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Give students a voice and teach them to build a better world

In this post: We are crafting the future leaders of our world, what do we need them to be able to do? If we’re not asking our students what they need, we’re missing opportunities to be better. Feedback can be scary, but it can also be incredibly valuable. You can’t put every suggestion into practice, but you can listen, learn, … Read More

14: Totally Awesome – Tiffany Ott encourages us to stand up and fight for what we believe is right for our students.

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Episode 14 - Teach Better Talk Podcast

High school math teacher, and Teach Better Team’s Director of Curriculum Design, Tiffany Ott, shares how her shift to working with teachers has changed how she introduces herself, why she’s excited about where education is heading, and how you can affect change regardless of how new you are to teaching. Tiffany encourages us all to stand up and fight for … Read More

Creating a Mastery Grid in Google Docs (video)

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Creating a mastery grid in google docs - video

Working on your next Mastery Grid?  Video Highlights Editing a Mastery Grid template can get a little tricky when you don’t have the same numbers of learning opportunities at each level as the template does. Have no fear! This video will show you how to build your own Mastery Grids in Google Docs using tables and merging cells. Build … Read More

10 Ways Screencasting Can Transform Learning

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10 Ways Screencasting Can Transform Learning

Screencasting isn’t just for recording video notes- Though that is a great place to start, let’s look at how screencasting can transform so much more in your classroom. What is screencasting? Screencasting is simply the act of recording the image on your computer or tablet screen to create a video (also known as a “screen capture.”) There are dozens of … Read More