Starting The Parent Connection Off Right With A Video!

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Video Highlights: Tiffany Ott shares her favorite way to make strong parent connections early in the school year – through video! Explore the reasons why people love video – and are more likely to watch it than read the same information! Discover the easiest tool out there for recording parent welcome videos. Learn what you should include in your parent … Read More

Integrating Technology in Education: Are You Making These Top 5 Mistakes?

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In This Post: Benefits of technology integration If it doesn’t actually improve the learning process, it doesn’t really belong in your classroom. There is a danger in jumping on an edtech tool bandwagon too quickly. There are dozens of reason why a teacher would hold off on trying a new tech tool. It is really easy to fall into the … Read More

Top 6 Classroom Management Pet Peeves

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Video Highlights: Tiffany Ott gets on a soapbox about her top 6 classroom management Pet Peeves! When should you punish the whole class for the actions of a few? Never! Let’s talk about recess Consistency, consistency, consistency Public shaming? I don’t think so! When you need help, get help! About Tiffany Ott Tiffany Ott is the Director of Curriculum Development … Read More

3 Ways to Focus on the “Why” Instead of the “What” – Building Deeper Meaning in Learning

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In this post: How to move from “What” to “Why” Dive into DoK to deepen the learning Just ask! The power of asking your students “Why” Don’t rob students of the chance to discover and go deeper Ban “What” From Your Classroom Education has long been far too focused on the acquisition of information and learning how to follow algorithms … Read More

It’s About Why, Not What – Getting Beyond the Facts and into the Meaning Behind the Learning

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In this post: What really matters in learning – and why we so often miss it Please, don’t use the butterfly method or impose death-by-grammar-worksheets How to move from “What” to “Why” 3 ways you can make the shift right now Picture this – you are sitting in your next staff meeting and the district has brought in someone to … Read More