53 The Secret to Feeling Confident in Every Area of Your Life

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Hey Designers,

When I sit down to create a solo podcast episode.  The episodes like this one when it’s just you and me.  I think about what people have been saying to me about the roadblocks they have been having, and the barriers that they are coming up against, and I create strategies to help them bust through those roadblocks. Because in the process of life, we are all so very different and unique and at the same time there are so many commonalities. One roadblock that has been coming up for many of my clients is confidence. Think about your life for a moment.

Would you say that you are pretty confident?

You probably said,  “Yes!”  Confidence is relative.  Most of us move through life confidently.  In fact, in most areas of our life people report feeling confident.  Even when those areas of their life are no longer serving them. What I mean by that is you are used to your routine.  You feel confident in your routine.  It is the pattern of your routine that allows you to predict how your day will go each day.  There is comfort in your routine. However, sometimes the comfort you feel in your routines is blocking you.

Your routines can sometimes create a barrier to growth.

And if I’m honest, it is creating a barrier to you living a life that is most fulfilling for you.

In order to grow, you have to step outside of your comfort zone, you need to step out of your routine.

Stepping outside of your routine is scary.  It’s why your heart races when you are trying something new.  It’s why you have had a variety of thoughts that hold you back from that new experience.  Thoughts like, “What if this doesn’t work out?”

Picture this, you are at the top of a zipline, one that is hundreds of feet above the ground.  Your fear is gearing up.  You are not feeling very confident.  Your heart is racing.  You’ve seen the person in front of you make it safely to the other side.  You know it’s safe, but it’s all so new.  You take one step off of the platform and you are soaring through the air.  It’s exhilarating.  You feel free, and you land on the other side safely and dare I say confident to do the next one.

It is in taking action that we build our confidence. We overcome the fear of something new and it becomes routine. It becomes less scary. Click To Tweet

Last spring I went on a cruise.  There is this artificial wave current where people are riding boogie boards.  It looked like fun.  But to be honest unlike zip lining the people before were wiping out every time they got on the boogie board.

Nevertheless, I pushed through the doubt, listened to the lifeguards who were excellent coaches, and hurled my body onto the board and into the wave.  And I immediately wiped out and the wave carried me up against the back border of the wave machine.  I got up, give the lifeguard a thumbs up, and tried again.  I got into position.  The lifeguard gave me some feedback based on the last attempt and I tried again.  This time, I was able to sit up on my knees before I wiped out again.  The lifeguard gave me some more feedback and I tried again.

After my turn was over I got back in line again.  That was one of the best learning experiences I have had. It’s also a great metaphor for how I approach life with the LEADER process.   I tried something that caused me fear.  I failed. I got feedback.  I adjusted.  I got incrementally better and I tried again.

It was an exhilarating experience because I was pushing past my fear, my failures, and learning something new each time I hurled myself into the wave.

I started this experience not feeling very confident. But by the end of the cruise, hurling myself into the wave was second nature.  Now each time, I was trying to level up my skill level.

Confidence is built by action. Confidence is built by failing, being reflective and trying again.

The lifeguards coaching me were invaluable to me achieving what I set out to do when I decided to tackle the wave.

Doing something new can be scary.  Having someone to observe you and see what you can’t see because you are in it is invaluable.

Life is like this wave.  What are you afraid of?  Where is your confidence waning?  Ask yourself, “What’s the part of your life that you have envisioned for yourself, but haven’t yet taken the first step to get to?  That first step is outside of your comfort zone.

My challenge for you this week is to take that first step.  Email me at hello@micheleschmidtmoore.com or slide into my dms on Instagram.  I’m @mschmidtmoore and let me know what is outside of your comfort zone, or what your first step will be.

Taking that first step will give you the confidence to take the next one and before you know it you are living in your new normal.


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