28. Engage Your Students with REAL Connections

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Hey Designers,

In episode 27 we looked at how to use Design Thinking to level up your life.  In this episode, I’m sharing with you the REAL Instructional Framework that employs design thinking to create a strategic learning pathway that is anchored in a real world opportunity.

This episode was originally a presentation I did for the Association of Middle Level Educators (AMLE) 2020 Conference.

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During Uncover the Leader in You Coaching Week, you will use a design thinking approach to develop your creativity, fuel your curiosity, and energize your life as a teacher, a creator and educational changemaker. Imagine being fired up to begin each day, and having a clear mission for your personal and professional life doing work that truly lights you up.  In coaching week, you will design a concrete plan to level up your professional plan that is anchored in your story and mission.

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