56 The Stories We Tell Ourselves with Alexis Shepard, The Afroeducator

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Today we are talking to Alexis Shepard, also known as the AfroEducator.  Alexis shares with us her story of leaving the classroom and her vision for how educators can change the stories they tell themselves to create a more fulfilling teaching experience.

Even if you are not an educator, you can learn much about reenvisioning your life from this conversation with Alexis.

In this episode, you will learn how to flip the narrative you’ve been telling yourself so that your story, your job, and your life feel fulfilling and uplifting.

@theafroeducator shares with @mschmidtmoore how we need to start telling ourselves better stories. Listen to the Design Lessons Podcast ep. 56 for ways to rewrite your story. Click To Tweet

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Alexis Shepard is a former teacher & forever educator with the gift of gab. After multiple encounters with burn-out, a desire for a paradigm shift led to the creation of, The AfroEducator. Alexis empowers educators at all stages to step into more confident, conscious, and authentic versions of themselves inside and outside the classroom. She champions teacher well-being through coaching, consulting, and interactive workshops that promote radical self-care. Alexis uses thought & identity exploration to help educators reframe internalized narratives that contribute to burnout and overwhelm.

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