34. Leading Literate Lives with Dr. Stephanie Affinito

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Hey Designers,

Are you ready to design a happy, healthy, and creative season, then you will love this episode with Dr. Stephanie Affinito, the author of Leading Literate Lives. Stephanie provides us with 3 tips that will help us to design a creative summer and beyond.

She shares with us how reading and writing can have some of the same health benefits as meditation. And with a little as 6 minutes a day, you can start to experience those benefits.

Design your life and learning with intention. Find out your design superpower and receive strategies and ideas to make your teaching life easier.

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Dr. Stephanie Affinito, a former classroom teacher and literacy specialist, is a literacy teacher educator at the University at Albany. She has a deep love for literacy coaching and supporting teachers’ lifelong learning as readers and writers through technology. You can find her online at stephanieaffinito.com and on Twitter at @AffinitoLit.

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