32. Restoring Relationships with Joshua Stamper

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Welcome back! In this episode, we are continuing our conversation with Joshua Stamper, an assistant principal in Texas and the host of the Aspire Leadership podcast. This is part two, so if you missed his first episode, go back and listen to that first.

Josh talks about one of his other passions, using trauma informed practices and restorative justice. He shares why it’s important to his family and his school life. We get to learn how to leave traditional discipline in the dust and how to implement restorative practices.

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Joshua Stamper is a middle school Assistant Principal for a North Texas School District, where he’s had the amazing opportunity to serve at four campuses and in two school districts. Prior to Joshua’s current position, he was a classroom art educator and athletic coach for 6 years working with students in grades 6-8. In addition to his administrative position, Joshua is a podcaster, author, leadership coach, education presenter, and Podcast Network Manager for the Teach Better Team.

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