29. the Antidote to Feeling Burned Out

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Hey Designers,

Last year this time we were finishing up a year having moved to remote teaching and my advice to you then was to reflect  and reframe.  I asked you to reflect on your practice and double down on the good stuff for the reopening of school.

In fact, that was the first episode of Design Lessons, so for those of you who have been listening since then.  I appreciate you. And  Thank you!

We are coming again to the end of a year that has had many ups and downs, and many changes.  Many of us are feeling burned out.

I have a very specific antidote to that feeling.  I hope that you will join me.  Many of you have asked about the Uncover the Leader in You Coaching Week.  You’ve wanted to know more.  And I’m so excited to let you know that registration is officially open and you are invited.  It takes place June 4 – 8.   You can register at uncovertheleaderinyou.com

I sincerely hope that you come.  Not for me, but for you.  Being a part of coaching week is going to help you get your mojo back, connect you with other passionate educators, and most importantly set you up to design a life and a life’s work that you love.

So get ready to reframe and reset,  Uncover the Leader in You will get you ready for summer and the coming year.

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