53 The Secret to Feeling Confident in Every Area of Your Life

Michele Schmidt MooreDesign Lessons Podcast

Hey Designers, When I sit down to create a solo podcast episode.  The episodes like this one when it’s just you and me.  I think about what people have been saying to me about the roadblocks they have been having, and the barriers that they are coming up against, and I create strategies to help them bust through those roadblocks. … Read More

Building Up Kids With Praise and Celebrations

Kyle HillBlog, Xhausted Educators Podcast

A lack of confidence, self worth, and overall self esteem is an enormous problem for kids world wide. In this dual cast podcast episode, Kyle dives into the importance of pumping kids up with praise, compliments, and celebrating the small wins, in order to build them up. In this episode, you’ll also get a RechargED story that shares an example … Read More