25. Create Your Ideal Week

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Hey Designers,

We talked about what it means to be a thought leader in episode 24. But in thinking about how thought leaders must operate,  it got me thinking about how do you best structure your day to bring you the most joy and the most productivity?

I first heard about the concept of an ideal week from Michael Hyatt who is a productivity expert.  I thought…

How can we combine the concept of an ideal week with energy management in a way that could not only help us, but also our Ss? Design Lessons Podcast Ep 25. Click To Tweet

In this episode, you will create an ideal week that will help you and your students prioritize creativity and joy in the work that you are doing. In short, you will focus on when your energy and creativity is at its peak.

How do you structure your week for the most productivity & joy? Find out on episode 25 of the Design Lessons Podcast. Click To Tweet

We are going to be exploring what it means to be a thought leader, creator and educational changemaker and how to energize your teaching life during the Uncover the Leader in You Coaching Week. Of course, just like in the podcast we will be using actionable steps, but we will get to do them live together. Sign up for the waitlist.

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