Maximizing Productivity for Educators with Side Hustles

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TL;DR: The Eisenhower Matrix is a time management tool that helps prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance. It categorizes tasks into four quadrants: Important and Urgent, Important but Not Urgent, Not Important but Urgent, and Not Important and Not Urgent. By focusing on Quadrant II activities (Important but Not Urgent), educators can work proactively on tasks that contribute to … Read More

Calendar Blocking 101 for EDUcreators

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TL;DR: Calendar blocking is a time management technique used by successful EDUcreators to increase productivity and manage their demanding schedules effectively. It involves allocating specific time blocks in your calendar for different tasks or responsibilities, reducing distractions, and improving focus. Prioritize your tasks, create a daily to-do list, and practice task batching to group similar tasks together. Experiment with day … Read More

5 Tips for Being More Productive

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TL;DR: People want to be more productive but have limited time. Being organized can help reduce mental stress. 5 ways to stay organized and productive are: create a list, put things away immediately, don’t avoid quick tasks, establish routines, and take notes. Implementing these tips can increase productivity and create more free time. Today I’m going to be more productive.  … Read More

Quitting Twitter Blue Lessons Learned #TBPodcaster #EdChat #EdLeadership #TeachBetter

Efraín MartinezWisdom and Productivity Podcast

In this episode, I explore the adverse effects of social media, specifically Twitter, on our attention span, mental health, and overall well-being. Drawing on research by Carl Newport on digital minimalism, I discussed and explained the benefits of leaving social media, including a clearer mind, more personal time, greater privacy, and more quality time. This episode serves as a reminder … Read More

What to Expect During COVID: A Reflection on the 1 Lesson Learned |Wisdom & Productivity| #TeachBetter #TBPodcaster

Efraín MartinezWisdom and Productivity Podcast

What to Expect During COVID: A Reflection on the 1 Lesson Learned |Wisdom & Productivity| #TeachBetter #TBPodcaster | Full Episode: I’d like to share with you a personal reflection on what I thought and learned during my experience with COVID-19.  Before we get started, let me clarify —DIOS Mío:  that I am not a medical doctor and cannot provide … Read More