5 Tips for Being More Productive

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  • People want to be more productive but have limited time.
  • Being organized can help reduce mental stress.
  • 5 ways to stay organized and productive are: create a list, put things away immediately, don’t avoid quick tasks, establish routines, and take notes.
  • Implementing these tips can increase productivity and create more free time.

Today I’m going to be more productive. 

I wish I could get more done. 

How do they accomplish it all? 

We’ve all heard some variation of these. People strive to get more done and be more productive every day. While we all wish there was just a few more hours in each day, we also know that the added time would be consumed with more tasks, goals, and projects. The reality is, we only have so many hours in the day and have a never ending to do list. So how will we reach our maximum productivity while not exhausting ourselves? 

If you asked any close friend or co-worker to describe me, they would likely say: Type-A, organized, and task oriented. Over the years, I have accepted my traits and leaned into them. For me, when things are organized, I feel better mentally. When lists are created, tasks are crossed-off, and everything is in its place, I can relax and enjoy the little things.

For me, when things are organized, I feel better mentally. When lists are created, tasks are crossed-off, and everything is in its place, I can relax and enjoy the little things. Click To Tweet

I am sharing 5 ways that I stay organized and productive throughout all seasons of life. 

5. Create a list. Whether you are running to the store or keeping track of tasks you want to accomplish, create a list to help your mind stay focused. 

4. Put it away right now. This can sometimes be difficult to maintain, but as soon as you are done using something, put it back where it goes. This prevents build up and a bigger cleanup project later on. 

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3. Don’t avoid the 5-minute task. We all have those quick chores or tasks that really don’t take a lot of time but can get put on the back burner for days or weeks. Rather than avoiding it, just complete it. Stop scrolling on your phone, and go get one thing done. You’ll feel better. 

2. Establish routines. Routines help you stay focused without having to think so hard. Create a routine for mornings, bedtimes, and workouts. Routines can be hard to get started, but impactful when you stick to them. 

1. Take note. One of the simplest things to help you keep track of all that needs to be done is writing it down. Taking notes during a meeting helps you remember the context of it later. Putting notes in your calendar event helps you remember details about the event. Taking notes helps you remember important information but doesn’t take up space in your already busy brain. 

Implementing these 5 tips can help productivity increase and free up more time for the things we enjoy. How will you maximize your time? 

About Katie Miglin

Katie Miglin was a former classroom teacher of 13 years in the middle school setting. She taught 7th grade for all thirteen years with a few sections of 6th and 8th grade sprinkled throughout. Her experience includes teaching Writing and Math. During her time in the schools, Katie has held a variety of roles including Fellowship of Christian Athletes Huddle Leader, Curriculum Chair, Drama Club Director, and PBIS Tier 1 Coach. She has also been a part of the building leadership team, community outreach team, and before school program.

Katie is now working for the Teach Better Team as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction. In this role, Katie coordinates several events including the 12 Hour Live and the Teach Better Conference, as well as provides professional development for school districts. Through this position, Katie has had the pleasure of connecting with other educators from all over the world and has loved meeting innovative and hardworking people from all walks of life.

While working has always brought Katie joy, her true love is at home with her husband, 2 daughters and dog. She loves working out, reading, and doing anything that involves the outdoors.