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  • How do educators include technology in their lessons in a natural way?
  • Brainstorm the various ways you can use technology within the classroom.


For young people, technology has become more entrenched in their everyday lives. How do educators adapt and transform their teaching style in 2022?

Years ago, a traditional classroom consisted of textbooks, library books, and maybe one TV. Now you may walk inside a classroom and see laptops, iPads, multiple computer monitors—essentially an electronic device surge. Due to the digital age, traditional education has slowly become a thing in the past. One thing the pandemic highlighted was the use of technology. The major question is how we push our classrooms forward through technology.

Technology is Everywhere

Have you ever been inside a grocery store, airport, mall, etc., and seen kids’ eyeballs glued to their devices? Everywhere you go it’s a common theme. These days, even kids under 10 have a tablet. Welcome to the new age! The important piece of this observation is the exposure kids have to devices.

It’s no secret students have gravitated towards a more digital world thanks to the virtual learning they’ve endured the past 2 years. Click To Tweet

Meet Students Where They Are

Kids are no strangers to these devices. In fact, it doesn’t take them long at all to learn how to use them. This is where you have the leverage to implement a new teaching strategy. Using the devices, take your lesson to the next level. First, consider using apps such as Canvas to create cool assignments. Secondly, think about how you could use YouTube. Create short videos and upload them for students to access your lessons beyond the classroom. Finally, include games for content review for students to study for a test on their phones or tablet.

The idea behind making everything more digital is to meet the students where they are. It’s no secret students have gravitated towards a more digital world thanks to the virtual learning they’ve endured the past 2 years. The cool part is not only the engagement piece from digital learning but also the ability to allow them a creative space using more innovative tools. Think of it like this, social media has created a marketplace for people of all ages to learn various lessons on practically anything. For our schools and universities to stay ahead of this digital age, we must invest in educational technology. Education evolves every 10 years or so; we’re now embarking on a new period of learning.

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Young Billionaires Club

Here at Sanders Hand, we work with leaders on this topic of digital teaching through an interactive presentation. The presentation will have a simulation of “Young Billionaires Club,” a 6-week literacy camp to enhance students’ professional and career development skills. During the presentation, attendees will have the ability to use an iPad or laptop to walk through a breakdown of how students are able to use technology to learn niche enhancements for their learning inside the classroom. Post presentation, there will be an open discussion of how the simulation works followed by brainstorming how we can use these strategies to push the education forward for our students in today’s world.

To learn more about this presentation and how you can become part of the training visit: to sign up or contact:

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