How To Develop Your Nonprofit Organization

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TL;DR: The first step in starting a nonprofit is figuring out what services your program is going to offer. Second, choose your team and board. Make sure it is a diverse group that is passionate and represents your organization. Create your branding, and get your name out there. The three developmental phases in nonprofit are creating programs/services, picking your staff … Read More

3 Reasons to Start a Nonprofit Organization in 2022

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TL;DR: Our communities need people to stand up and give back. Grow a group of those who want to help. Become a 501c3 to maximize funding opportunities. Start a Nonprofit Organization in 2022: Giving Back Have you ever thought about how our communities would function if there wasn’t any support? Think about the YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs, and local … Read More

Using Tech & Social Media to Teach Business Skills

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TL;DR: How do educators include technology in their lessons in a natural way? Brainstorm the various ways you can use technology within the classroom. Technology For young people, technology has become more entrenched in their everyday lives. How do educators adapt and transform their teaching style in 2022? Years ago, a traditional classroom consisted of textbooks, library books, and maybe … Read More

College vs. Entrepreneurship? Who Wins in 2021?

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TL;DR: College and entrepreneurship both have benefits and serve different individuals in different ways. The cost and benefits of both college and entrepreneurship need to be understood. For a functioning society, both college and career-ready individuals need to be supported and valued. College vs. Entrepreneurship As the job market continues to expand and more and more people are quitting their … Read More

Providing a Safety Net for Students: 2 Factors to Implement

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TL;DR: As we begin the new school year, keep in mind how to keep our students safe. Comfort and communication are two factors to keep in mind when providing a safety net for students. Providing a Safety Net for Students: How do we keep our children safe in today’s climate?  Pencils are sharpening. Notebooks are being opened. Crayons are used … Read More