3 Lessons I Learned After Starting a Business at 20

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TL;DR: Sebastian started his own business at 20 years old. This post shares what he has learned in the first 4 years. You are never too old or too young to do anything in this lifetime. Carve out your niche. Find your lane and find out what makes you different than your competition. Communication is powerful when building a resourceful … Read More

Why You Should Start Your Own Nonprofit Organization

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TL;DR: Begin your nonprofit organization by raising money and awareness. Until you are ready to start a nonprofit, leverage your profession and community to create change for your kids. It’s no big secret: the unsung heroes in our communities and the driving force for change are teachers! With the important role a teacher plays in our lives, it’s a shame … Read More

Foster Success by Looking in Your Students’ Rearview

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TL;DR: When lesson planning, it is important to look at things from different perspectives. Look through your students’ rearview and see life from a different lens. Seeing from the lens of your students will help you foster success. Get to know your students and the things they are interested in, then use what you learned to create a positive classroom … Read More

The Power of Empowerment

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TL;DR: Teachers need to take a step into their students’ reality to truly understand them and see the world from their perspective. All students have the capability of being leaders in the classroom. The power of empowerment means encouraging our students to love themselves and be whatever they seek out to be. What does empowerment look like in your classroom? … Read More

Virtual Champions

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TL;DR: Teachers are virtual champions in 2020 by adapting to constant changes. A teacher’s dedication to helping students feel safe with the current situation is shown through the smiles of students. One word we can describe the latter part 2020 is virtual. Since the spring of this year, education has looked different for our teachers and students. Education is going virtual to accommodate … Read More