3 Reasons to Start a Nonprofit Organization in 2022

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  • Our communities need people to stand up and give back.
  • Grow a group of those who want to help.
  • Become a 501c3 to maximize funding opportunities.

Start a Nonprofit Organization in 2022: Giving Back

Have you ever thought about how our communities would function if there wasn’t any support? Think about the YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs, and local churches that give back to their communities. What about the youth who grow up in environments that lack resources?

The world is waiting on change. Change starts with one soul who gives in order to change the life of a person, place, or thing. Change is curated by nonprofit organizations. For our economy to operate at the highest capacity, the art of giving is an essential factor.

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Every successful business is built from its community impact. Their devotion to the community goes beyond donations and volunteering. Is presence inside of the community lends a helping hand for change. Creating a nonprofit organization with a community of individuals who share the same passion for a specific cause allows you to build a volunteer-based staff for special projects or events. Strength in numbers is key to a successful cause. Start a nonprofit organization today with a community of fearless leaders behind you.


The number one cause of small businesses failing within the first 2-3 years is lack of funding. As a 501c3 charity, you’re eligible to receive federal and state grants for your organization. Starting a nonprofit with a cause allows you to apply and seek funding for your programs and services. In contrast, an LLC/S-Corp where the funding is solely dependent on the founders and owners in the beginning stages. This can cause major setbacks and burnout for business owners. Receiving funding takes away the stress of where money will come from as a nonprofit founder.

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In addition, funding taxes can be a huge roadblock for business owners. As a nonprofit you’re tax proof with a 501c3 status. A nonprofit allows you to avoid taxes and continue to use income for your programs and services. Being taxed on your income in your first years as a business takes away from the work that can be done. This also allows companies, investors, and foundations to donate to your organization in exchange for a charity tax write off. Without the 501ce status, your nonprofit won’t be able to receive any grants. Become tax proof to elevate your organization.

Don’t look for change, be the change. Do you have a desire to give? Do you have an idea that will impact millions and change their lives? Let’s start your nonprofit today…the world needs your heart to give.

About Sebastian Sanders

Sebastian Sanders “The Youth Principal” is a world motivational speaker. Born in Houston, Texas, Sebastian is a known community leader & youth advocate since his founding of The Sanders Hand in 2017. He has been changing the lives of many families and students across the world, servicing over 2,000 youth & college students from Texas to Oklahoma. Sebastian is a graduate from the University of Texas at San Antonio with his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Management. Sebastian is also the founder & chairman of SJS Enterprises, serving as the cultivation of community and business as we know it.

Known for his amazing work with youth, he is a perceived businessman & social entrepreneur with the creation of “Define Success” curriculum & leadership camp. Sebastian is a well-rounded entrepreneur with his unique sense of business. He thrives for change in our economy and community.

“Don’t look for change, be the change.” – Sebastian.