Teaching About Flag Day in America

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TL;DR: Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the American Flag, fostering patriotism and civic awareness. Teaching about Flag Day enhances cultural awareness and encourages civic responsibility. Resources from EDSITEment, Smithsonian Education, National Archives, and more aid in creating engaging lessons. Flag Day, celebrated on June 14th, is an important day in American history. It commemorates the adoption of the American … Read More

Maximizing Learning: Embrace Education Moments

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TL;DR: Intentionally plan and invest in moments that significantly impact students’ lives, rather than leaving them to chance. Design school activities and lessons, from everyday classroom interactions to major events like graduation, to create memorable and transformative experiences. Educators need to balance structured planning with the flexibility to seize unplanned teachable moments, fostering curiosity, adaptability, and reflection in students. “The … Read More

What’s Your 7.4?

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TL;DR: Embrace stillness to conserve and create energy for the busy fall ahead. Create a list of 7.4 realistic, measurable goals to balance relaxation and productivity. Encourage students and families to make their own lists to prioritize time and happiness. Happy June! We made it! It’s the middle of the calendar year and the end of the school year and … Read More

5 Tips to Keep Kids Learning This Summer

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TL;DR: The “summer slide” may be more myth than reality, with mixed research on summer learning loss. Summer offers opportunities for students, especially post-pandemic, to catch up and get back on track. Engage kids with fun learning activities, reading, nature exploration, summer programs, and routines to keep their minds active. Summer is almost here. School is winding down, and students … Read More

Turning Challenges Into Solutions Through Mindfulness

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TL;DR: Introducing mindfulness in the classroom can transform student behavior and teacher-student relationships. Focusing on social and emotional learning helps students manage their emotions and improves classroom climate. Teachers should prioritize self-care and continuously seek new strategies to enhance the learning environment. Picture this. You are incredibly excited to share an activity you think your students are going to love, … Read More