Meaningful Lessons: Scientific Wisdom vs. Scientific Facts

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TL;DR: There is a need for more relevant science education in the 21st century. This post emphasizes the importance of teaching wisdom and context alongside facts. Teachers should engage students by making lessons meaningful and applicable. Ok, let’s hit the reset button on my podcast, Science360, for a moment.  Let’s talk about why I bring the type of episodes that … Read More

5 Classroom Strategies for Social Emotional Learning Support

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TL;DR: Social emotional learning is already integrated into everyday teaching, helping students develop essential life skills alongside academic knowledge. Teachers can enhance SEL by implementing intentional strategies, such as reflection for self-awareness, authentic assessments for social awareness, choice boards for responsible decision making, checklists for self-management, and promoting collaboration and cooperation for building relationship skills. These practices align with CASEL’s … Read More

Be Your Students’ Champion

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TL;DR: To empower students, teachers should be their champions, knowing them as individuals and fostering a positive classroom culture through positive reinforcement and tailored instruction. Autonomy, a growth mindset, and purposeful learning are key in motivating and inspiring students, with teachers playing a crucial role in believing in their students’ potential. Success in education relies on factors like teacher support, … Read More

We’re Gonna Keep On Talking Reflections

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TL;DR: Matthew R. Kay and Jennifer Orr’s book, “We’re Gonna Keep on Talking,” focuses on leading meaningful race conversations in elementary classrooms. This post emphasizes the importance of fostering important mindsets like understanding that race discussions are ongoing and cannot be a one-time conversation. The book also highlights co-creating discussions with students, building their discussion skills, providing effective prompts for … Read More

Overcoming Setbacks

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TL;DR: Clear Vision: A strategic plan acts as a roadmap to success, providing clarity on goals and purpose. It helps maintain focus during setbacks, ensuring you don’t lose sight of your ultimate destination. Learning from Setbacks: Setbacks are valuable learning opportunities. Embrace them, reflect on what went wrong, and use these experiences to improve your strategies for continuous growth. Building … Read More