How Can We Fight Censorship?

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TL;DR: Book challenges in the US nearly doubled in 2022, focusing largely on children’s and young people’s books. Response to censorship includes President Biden’s plan to appoint a federal coordinator to address book bans, along with efforts from educational organizations, librarians, and publishers like Penguin Random House. Various groups, such as the Great Books Foundation, are actively fighting censorship by … Read More

Courage, Sacrifice, and Resilience: Month of the Military Child

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TL;DR: April celebrates the Month of the Military Child, recognizing their courage and resilience. Military children embody strength and resilience and form strong bonds amidst constant change. Let’s honor and support military children, acknowledging their sacrifices and contributions. As April blooms and spreads its warmth, it brings a poignant reminder of courage, sacrifice, and resilience: the Month of the Military … Read More

Using Read-Alouds to Boost Inquiry

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TL;DR: Reading aloud enhances inquiry-centered learning and fosters joy in the classroom. It improves vocabulary, models fluent reading, and benefits auditory learners. Active listening during read-alouds promotes self-awareness, social-emotional learning, and positive associations with reading, especially beneficial for older students. Reading texts aloud to your students—no matter what their age or independent reading level—is a great way to intensify inquiry-centered … Read More

Refocus Your Class for Quarter 4!

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TL;DR: Spring quarter can be challenging with warmer weather and distractions. Tips: Refocus after break, use problem-based learning, and allow student-led projects. Get outside, link content to themes, and enjoy teaching for better engagement. Navigating Quarter 4 By the time you’re reading this, you’re likely returning from spring break. You are hopefully rested and refreshed and eager to get quarter … Read More

The Power of Passion

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TL;DR: Teachers who openly share their passion for teaching forge authentic connections with students, fostering a sense of belonging and trust within the classroom community. Expressing love for teaching inspires motivation and resilience in students, encouraging them to tackle challenges and strive for success. By demonstrating their passion, educators cultivate a culture of lifelong learning, instilling in students a profound … Read More