Level Up Your Classroom With Gamification

Mary Ellen RileyClass Management, Engagement, Innovation, Lesson Planning, Technology

Level Up Your Classroom With Gamification

In This Post: Consider gamification to level-up your classroom. Gamification is simply adding game elements to something that is not a game.   Students love games and may be more engaged, and more likely to retain the information when gamified. Several examples of tools to gamify any unit. Ready to make your school year memorable (in a good way)?  Want to … Read More

28 Ways to Instantly Help a Colleague Feel Better

Allyson ApseyAdministration, Blog

Our work is hard, and it is harder some days than others. It is harder some years than others. The best schools I have ever been to are comprised of staff who lift each other up, who make our hard work a joy (most days), and who are there for each other always. Have you ever approached a colleague feeling … Read More

Dear Desk, It’s Not You, It’s Me: Promoting Student Agency

Katie AlvarezBlog, Class Management, Innovation, Lesson Planning, Mastery Learning, Self-Paced Learning

Promoting Student Agency

In This Post: After removing a desk from our learning space, my students reacted with excitement. My realization was that I was too focused on how I saw things, and not on how THEY see them. This lead to 5 pedagogical shifts to promote student agency. In a lonely corner of an elementary classroom stood an oversized wooden desk.  Its … Read More

4 Strategies to Help Anxious Students Prepare for a Summer without Routine

Christine Ravesi-WeinsteinAdministration, Blog, Engagement

In This Post: For our most anxious students summer break doesn’t come with the degree of excitement educators might expect. Summer break can be a time of uncertainty, fear, and less regimented time; all triggers of anxiety. Encouraging journaling, offering manipulatives, introducing students to volunteerism, and allowing them to move, are just a few ways we can help our students … Read More