Reconnect Happier

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TL;DR: We can try many things to reach our struggling students, but have you tried asking them what they need? Provide students with an opportunity to give you feedback, like a Teacher Report Card, so you can better respond to their needs. Being open to receiving feedback and making changes in response leads to improved connection and belonging. Reconnect Happier … Read More

Developing Agency in Students

Laura LisienBlog, Engage Better, Lesson Plan Better

TL;DR: As educators and parents, we need to develop agency in our kids. Help them set goals to work towards. Give them opportunities for independence. Build their self-confidence. The start of a new school year is a very exciting time for students, teachers, and parents. For many, it’s a bustling time for last-minute summer fun activities. In addition, preparations are … Read More

One Simple Strategy to Teach Better: Ask for Feedback

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TL;DR: Teenagers are not bored, disengaged, and unhappy by nature. Teachers can improve rapidly if we ask students to give us feedback. It can be scary to ask; we need to train ourselves to depersonalize the feedback. A healthy feedback loop produces happier students AND a happier teacher. One Simple Strategy to Teach Better: Ask for Feedback One of our … Read More

Kids Do Better When We Talk to Them

Bobbie FrenchBlog, Connect Better, Manage Better

TL;DR: Talk to your students. Students need the opportunity to explain their thinking and express their thoughts and feelings. As an educator, ask students questions and listen to their responses. We all want students to rise to their full potential.  We want that as educators, parents, and even as a community. I could get up on my soapbox about how … Read More

The Excitement in a Student’s Eye

Bridget GenglerBlog, Differentiate Better, Engage Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: Empowering students allows them to be leaders. It provides opportunities for them to be creative and innovative. Creating a safe space where students feel respected and heard is important in creating this environment. Providing opportunities for students to share, listen to others’ perspectives, lead, create, and follow their own interests empowers students. Empowerment Empowerment is defined as the process … Read More