The 3 C’s of Curriculum Leadership

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TL;DR: Our world is changing and we need to stay relevant. Curriculum leaders help us narrow our focus. School leaders should be able to curate resources to help with various situations. Allow student choice. Make sure to have common formative assessments. Our Changing World The world is changing and the rapid pace of change is impacting teaching and learning. A … Read More

Designing Assessments According to Learning Styles

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TL;DR: Assessments should be conveyed in various forms appropriate for each student. Getting to know your students is imperative before beginning to design assessments. Designing Assessments According to Learning Styles We are witnessing an age of radical education where teachers are collectively raising their voices to advocate for our students’ benefit. They cry out for transformation, hungry for more autonomy … Read More

Behind the Masks

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TL;DR: We are not getting the full picture when we see our students with masks on. Take time to get to know your students and who they are behind the masks. Check-in with your students not just on an academic level, but on a social-emotional one as well. I consider myself lucky that I’ve been able to be in-person with … Read More

It’s Time to Try Something Better

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TL;DR: Now is the time to try something better than what you have done before. Each day, try something better, and over time, you will notice big changes. As I sat in this brilliant student’s IEP meeting, I couldn’t believe what I heard. I had to consciously control my facial expressions. I was shocked and frustrated. Not at the student … Read More

Student Engagement without Technology

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TL;DR: Schools can keep students engaged without the use of technology by using hands-on approaches. Giving students choice and voice in their learning are two simple ways to increase engagement. Makerspaces allow students to innovate and be creative! Engagement without Technology: Foster Creativity and Student Choice During an era of YouTube, Netflix, and Google, can we capture the attention of … Read More