3 Keys To Supporting Learner Agency

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TL;DR: Learner Agency involves students setting goals, reflecting, and applying skills in new contexts, with productive struggle enhancing retention and deeper understanding. Scaffolding, Project-Based Learning, and amplifying student voice through interactive methods are key strategies to foster learner agency and self-regulation. Focusing on employability skills such as analytical thinking, creativity, and resilience, education must shift to more engaging, independent, and … Read More

Genius Hour: Your Solution to Student Engagement

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TL;DR: Genius Hour is a powerful way to keep students engaged and excited. By allowing students to explore their passions, conduct research, and create something meaningful, Genius Hour unleashes their potential and fosters a love for learning. Reflecting on the experience and sharing their projects with others enhances students’ self-awareness, growth, and presentation skills. Genius Hour provides a high-engagement unit … Read More

Learner Agency: Teaching The Art of Agility

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TL;DR: Learner agency empowers students through student voice, choice, innovation, and authentic tasks, allowing them to take ownership of their learning. Teachers can create opportunities for learner agency by implementing strategies such as project-based learning, arts education, communication, problem-solving, and reflection. Learner agency enables students to set goals, reflect on their progress, and transfer their understanding in new situations, developing … Read More

Connection Over Compliance

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TL;DR: Student engagement goes beyond compliance and involves attention, curiosity, interest, optimism, and passion for learning. Authentic engagement requires establishing connections with students to create a safe and supportive learning environment. Strategies for fostering connection in the classroom include showing genuine interest in students, providing choice and voice, conducting morning meetings, being intentional in planning, incorporating real-life connections to content, … Read More

The 3 C’s of Curriculum Leadership

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TL;DR: Our world is changing and we need to stay relevant. Curriculum leaders help us narrow our focus. School leaders should be able to curate resources to help with various situations. Allow student choice. Make sure to have common formative assessments. Our Changing World The world is changing and the rapid pace of change is impacting teaching and learning. A … Read More