There Is NO Hacking Life

Aaron ElseBlog, Differentiate Better, Engage Better, Innovate Better, Lesson Plan Better, Reflect Better

TL;DR: When working towards success, “hacking life” is not the solution. Many self-help leaders and other successful individuals did not start that way. They had to overcome obstacles and put in the time to get where they are. Perfection can be achieved over time with hard work and persistence. Teachers are demonstrating this with their creativity and determination. There Is … Read More

Servant Leadership and Growth

Raymond PortenBlog, Connect Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: Struggles are important because they are what make us stronger. Servant leadership and growth go hand in hand—when we help and serve others, we grow too. Servant Leadership and Growth In order for our bodies to build muscle, muscle hypertrophy must occur.  When we work out, muscle hypertrophy occurs when the fibers of the muscles sustain damage or injury. … Read More

‘Tis the Season

Suzanne DaileyBlog, Self Care Better, Teach Happier

TL;DR: Try to enjoy every moment as much as you can. If things are difficult, know it will pass eventually. And if it’s good, savor it because it won’t last forever. This has been a year. This has been a season. ‘Tis the season…the sun is coming soon. Raise your hand if you are excited it’s March. Honestly, I don’t love … Read More

Supporting Student Productive Struggle

Matthew JosephBlog, Innovate Better, Lead Better, Lesson Plan Better

In This Post: The definition of student productive struggle. Why productive struggle is important for students. Ways to promote productive struggle in your classroom, from planning to implementation. This week some of our school leaders and intervention professionals held a fall data meeting. One of the discussions, besides progress or increased needs, focused on the productive struggle of learners. Productive … Read More