Teaching VALUES in Our Classrooms!

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TL;DR: All languages have value! We can collaborate with others across the world. Value humanity and spread kindness. “Equity and Inclusion Just Got Better” Blog Reflection Questions: Why is it important to consider teaching about a global perspective when teaching values? How can you adapt my media lesson plan and make it your own? What courageous conversations are you going … Read More

Episode #115: Listen Courageously to the WHY Behind the Story with Juliana Tafur

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Episode #115: Listening Couragously with Juliana Tafur

Juliana Tafur is an award-winning filmmaker and workshop creator devoted to using films to facilitate experiences that promote understanding and foster human connection. She has been on a listening journey for the past four years. First, as she produced/directed the documentary “List(e)n” and later as she created the Listen Courageously movement. Now, she facilitates workshops on the power of navigating our … Read More