Math Mastery Grid Tips & Tricks

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TL;DR: Using The Grid Method in your classroom provides extreme differentiation all the time! Try to use what you know about creating typical lesson plans when you make a grid. Add in assessments as checkpoints. Strategically place check-ins in common places where students have misunderstandings. Collaborate with others when creating your grids. Developing a grid in a math classroom is … Read More

Building Relationships in the First Weeks of School

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TL;DR Strong relationships in the classroom are the foundation for a successful school year. Be intentional with the activities you choose and be willing to be vulnerable with your students. It is important to scaffold relationship building with students. I believe that I am an outstanding teacher because I work hard every day to build relationships with my students to … Read More

What Is the Grid Method?

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TL;DR: The Grid Method is an instructional framework that meets the needs of all learners in every classroom. Grids should be aligned with standards, tiered to meet student needs, and create cohesive and engaging learning experiences. Teachers monitor student progress for interventions, to form small groups, for reteaching, and to provide real-time feedback. A Simple Goal After seeing The Grid … Read More

How do you structure class while using the Grid?

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TL;DR: Structuring class time while using The Grid Method involves incorporating a warm-up and time for goal setting, a mini-lesson, conferencing, wrap-up, and reflection. Tasks assigned to students should be relevant, meaningful, and allow them to take ownership of their learning. For folks new to The Grid Method, one of the things they struggle with most is trying to understand … Read More