How can I facilitate class discussions and group work?

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TL;DR: Class discussions and group work can still be a part of a Grid Method classroom. Use your tracker, or progress monitor, to form groups for discussions or group work. The Grid Method provides opportunities for students to become leaders in the classroom. At first, using The Grid Method can seem like such a radical shift to your classroom structure … Read More

The Dream Team: Finding Your People In Education

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TL;DR: 10 tips to finding your people in education, including doing what is best for students, taking risks, being positive, planning and following through, and respecting others’ ideas. Having the support of colleagues can help encourage you to take more risks. The absolute last thing that someone wants is be involuntarily moved to a new grade level. Trust me, I … Read More

Addressing Character, Excellence, and Community Remotely

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TL;DR: Addressing character, excellence, and community with your students is a necessary part of education that should not be forgotten in a virtual setting. Strategies for addressing character, excellence, and community remotely include modeling appropriate character for our students, providing opportunities for student empowerment, and being there for one another. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker. When wading … Read More

The Teacher’s Role in the Grid Method

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TL;DR: One teacher’s experience using the grid method. A focused look at the role of the teacher in the grid method. “So you don’t really teach anymore.”  “The students teach themselves.” “When will I get to see you teach?”  In implementing the grid method, I’ve heard them all and I’ve heard them a lot.  So what is teaching and what … Read More

Management with the Grid: How to Keep Kids Motivated

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TL;DR: The Grid method can seem like a huge change, but there are some consistencies with a traditional approach. A teacher shares some strategies for management and engagement with the Grid. “How do you keep kids motivated?!” This question pops up over and over again for educators.  It does not matter whether you teach elementary or high school, or if … Read More