Unmasking the Fears of Communicating with EL Parents

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TL;DR: أهلا بك…欢迎…bienvenido….welcome! We can empower ourselves and improve relationships by taking action to empower our EL parents. Learn the preferred language spoken at home for EL parents. Below are three great translation resources you can access to help communicate with EL parents rather than asking a family friend or sibling to help communicate. “Andrea, you HAVE to be at … Read More

Servant Leadership and Growth

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TL;DR: Struggles are important because they are what make us stronger. Servant leadership and growth go hand in hand—when we help and serve others, we grow too. Servant Leadership and Growth In order for our bodies to build muscle, muscle hypertrophy must occur.  When we work out, muscle hypertrophy occurs when the fibers of the muscles sustain damage or injury. … Read More

Ensuring Safety for Your Students

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TL;DR: The pandemic has caused many challenges, making safety an issue for students in impoverished areas. Ensuring safety for our students is a necessary foundation for anything else we want to accomplish with them. It has been several months since we’ve been able to greet our students as they walk through our classroom doors. I think we can all agree … Read More