How to Handle Distance Learning’s “Ghost” Students

Megan BaldufBlog, Connect Better, Engage Better

TL;DR: We must acknowledge the concerns about student engagement and attendance that may occur during remote learning. We don’t know everyone’s situation so we must offer grace. According to a meta-analysis of psychiatric research, social isolation and loneliness during the pandemic negatively affect children’s levels of anxiety and depression. Listed below are ways to reach out to students. Use any … Read More

Certainties During an Uncertain Time

Sari Goldberg McKeownBlog, Reflect Better, Self Care Better

TL;DR: There are a number of certainties during this uncertain time that we can count on. Some certainties we can count on are that we are resilient, communication is key, relationships matter, and partnerships between stakeholders and parents help students thrive. Hybrid instruction. Zoom. Virtual open house. Remote learning. Material distribution. Virtual instruction. Synchronous learning. Asynchronous learning. Hyflex instruction. Google … Read More

The Secret to Success: A Little Goes a Long Way

Teach Better TeamBlog, Connect Better, Differentiate Better, Innovate Better, Lead Better, Lesson Plan Better, Survival

TL;DR: Some cooking advice that also applies to remote teaching. Steps and questions to consider when planning for distance learning. Cooking is a hobby I enjoy, as well as a pleasant distraction from life.  After eating an enjoyable dish at a restaurant, I make it a goal to try to achieve success and replicate the recipe, but make it even … Read More

Creating your Student Tracking Page using the Triage System

Rae HughartBlog, Differentiate Better, Innovate Better, Manage Better, Mastery Done Better, Tech Better

TL;DR: A quick introduction to the triage system for your classroom. Steps to set up a triage system and how it can benefit remote learning. Other potential uses, and a challenge for you! The triage system changed my classroom a few years ago when I connected with Chad Ostrowski. The student tracking page was the missing element I needed to … Read More