12 Lessons For Instructional Leaders

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TL;DR: Instructional leaders play an important role in providing a system that supports teaching and learning so that students will continue to be challenged and grow. Successful principals who are instructional leaders understand the importance of establishing a clear vision and commitment to learning goals. Administrators must create time for instructional leadership. Below you will find 12 lessons for instructional … Read More

Reframe Your Misunderstandings

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TL;DR: Misunderstandings happen. Without clarity, we naturally react but it doesn’t have to end on a negative note. We can have control over the situation. You may be feeling fear. Consider your part in the misunderstanding. Accept there is a misunderstanding. Look for lessons learned from it. Reach out for support from trusted friends. Move on. Another day, another misunderstanding. … Read More

Disability and Language

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TL;DR: There are three types of language that people use to describe disabilities: person-first, identify-first, and person-centered. To be most respectful, connect with individuals in the community and ask for their preference in language to use. “She suffers from cerebral palsy.” “He is ‘on the spectrum’.” “She is a person with a hearing impairment.” “He is a blind man.” There … Read More

Making the Shift from “Getting by” to “Getting BETTER”

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TL;DR: Change your mindset from finishing the year by just getting by. Instead, recognize what you learned and how you’ve gotten better. Reflect on how you have improved this year, how you have learned from others, what you’ve learned from PD opportunities offered. Don’t go back to “just surviving” in education. Work together to be better together. Recent interview with … Read More