Show 87: The Value of Goal Setting and New School Year of Goals

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It is so important to set our own professional goals, but as @KenEhrmann said, get your students involved in your own goals. They can help you reach it! Click To Tweet

Ken and Matt reconnect after a long break from recording together over the summer.  The journey of Ken’s new studio continues with a twist! It is a new school year and a new opportunity to set professional goals for ourselves and our classrooms.  We need to create goals, to create purpose, to create action.  This is what can create change and growth in ourselves and our classrooms.

In This Episode We Cover
  • Matt’s 2022-2023 goals for his students, and mentoring his student teacher.

  • Involving students in the conversation of our own professional goals.

  • When the students are aware of the teacher’s goal, they can more actively work towards those expectations.  They are aware of why we have the expectations we have for their behavior and the structure of the classroom.

  • Ken’s 2022-2023 goals as an instructional coach and public keynote speaker.

  • Strategies to evaluate the success of goals, when a large majority of it is anecdotal.

  • Supporting teachers to creating empowering experiences.

  • Matt’s and Ken’s podcast goals for the new school year.


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