How Does Your School Team Determine Priorities?

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TL;DR: Determine your school’s priorities by having clear collective commitments. Have a plan for the implementation of your goal(s). Determine how you will measure growth. Reflect on what is being omitted in order to focus on your goal(s). Celebrate when you reach your goal(s). Determining School Priorities In schools around the world, a common practice is the development of a … Read More

Buy-In vs Collective Commitments

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TL;DR: Sometimes school leadership teams wait to get buy-in before completing an action. Waiting for buy-in can cause delays in implementation. Collective commitment means putting the kids first rather than forming an adult-centric school. Waiting for Buy-In When principals or school improvement teams attempt to implement a new program or initiative, it is common to hear the phrase, “We will … Read More

Discover Your Potential: An Educators Guide to 90 Day Goals

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TL;DR: Setting goals and using journals may seem daunting at first. By establishing this routine with your goals, you can make adjustments and celebrate your successes along the way. The saying goes knowledge is power, but it’s really only potential until it’s applied. To discover your potential, you’ll have to change how you think about and set your goals.  New … Read More

Show 87: The Value of Goal Setting and New School Year of Goals

Ken EhrmannpowerED Up Podcast

Ken and Matt reconnect after a long break from recording together over the summer.  The journey of Ken’s new studio continues with a twist! It is a new school year and a new opportunity to set professional goals for ourselves and our classrooms.  We need to create goals, to create purpose, to create action.  This is what can create change … Read More

Bicoastal Edtech Deep Dive with the Check This Out Podcast

Eric GuiseGot TechED Podcast

GotTechED the Podcast Crossover Episode with the Check this Out podcast. EPISODE 119 Welcome to a Bicoastal episode with our guest from the podcast GotTechED, Nick Johnson and Eric Guise !!!! Deep Dive: What is one thing you are going to do/strive for this year… something we can hold each other accountable for. Guise and Nick: Students as content creators: World Ready … Read More