BONUS EPISODE – Chad’s Keynote Talk at the 2019 Teach Better Conference

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This is the audio from Chad’s keynote talk at the 2019 Teach Better Conference in Akron, Ohio. Chad shares his story and the creation of the Teach Better Mindset, and the Teach Better Team.

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'I Had become the one thing I never wanted to be.' - @chadostrowski from his keynote at the 2019 Teach Better Conference. #TeachBetter19 #TeachBetter20 #TeachBetter #TeachBetterTalk #Ppodcast Click To Tweet



About Chad Ostrowski

Chad Ostrowski is the co-founder of the Teach Better Team and the creator of The Grid Method, but he is a middle school science teacher at heart. He is also a co-author of the Teach Better book. He now travels the country sharing his story, working with teachers, schools, and districts to help them to reach more students.