8 Tips for the Part-Time Teacherpreneur

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8 Tips For The Part-Time Teacherpreneur

Being a teacherpreneur can be exciting, scary, and nerve-racking all at the same time. Building something from scratch can take some time. As a teacher, your passion is in the classroom, which means you’ll most likely start off as what we call a sidepreneur, or someone who is an entrepreneur “on the side”, meaning on the side of their full-time … Read More

5 Mistakes Districts Make When Rolling Out a New Initiative

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5 Mistakes School Districts Make When Rolling Out a New Initiative

How did your last district initiative implementation go? If we’re being honest, probably not as well as you had hoped, right? It’s okay…it’s not you. The truth is, most new initiatives don’t go all that well. We see it all the time, working with districts across the country. A new idea comes along, it seems to be the perfect tool … Read More