23: Connected Change – Brianna Hodges talks about the power of connection and shared learning.

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Listen to episode 23 of Teach Better Talk with Brianna Hodges

 #FutureReadyCoach, Champion For Change, and Coordinator of Educational Technology and Innovative Instruction, Brianna Hodges, chats with us about finding ways to tap into that excitement, energy, and engagement that keep curiosity moving forward, for both students and teachers. The “2018 Administrator to Watch” talks about the power of connection and shared learning, why she believes we’re moving from connected … Read More

14: Totally Awesome – Tiffany Ott encourages us to stand up and fight for what we believe is right for our students.

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Episode 14 - Teach Better Talk Podcast

High school math teacher, and Teach Better Team’s Director of Curriculum Design, Tiffany Ott, shares how her shift to working with teachers has changed how she introduces herself, why she’s excited about where education is heading, and how you can affect change regardless of how new you are to teaching. Tiffany encourages us all to stand up and fight for … Read More

13: Completely Flipped – Raymond Steinmetz shares his journey to flipping his classroom to a blended learning model.

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Episode 13 - Teach Better Talk Podcast

K-8 Math Instructional Coach, and co-host of the Instant Relevance Podcast, Raymond Steinmetz shares his journey to blended learning, the failures he’s overcome along the way, and why he’s proud to say, “I’m a teacher.” Raymond reminds us to always remember the reason we’re here; for the students, and explains why he sees every school year as an opportunity to be … Read More

11: Break the script – Adam Dovico encourages us all to take risks and try something new. 

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Episode 11 - Teach Better Talk Podcast

Principal, author, Ron Clark Academy Alum, and “chameleon,” Adam Dovico, talks to us about thinking on your feet, doing whatever is needed, and why he’s excited for the movement toward student-centered learning. Adam discusses why you need to come to peace with not getting everything done by the time you leave each day, how his district is rolling out their … Read More

05: Serendipity in Education – Allyson Apsey shares her story and how we can find the beautiful lessons that are embedded in our experiences.

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05 - Teach Better Talk - Allyson Apsey

 Elementary principal, and author, Allyson Apsey, shares her story, gives us a look into her book, and let’s us know how we can find the beautiful lessons that are embedded in our experiences. Allyson also gives us a sneak peek into one of her upcoming projects. Episode Highlights 1:55 – Allyson’s super proud to be an elementary principal. 3:36 … Read More