44 – delivering joy with authenticity – feat. Craig Shapiro

Jillian DuBoisMoments of ImpartED Joy Podcast

this episode highlights another one of my favorite humans who leads by example.
my dear friend, Craig Shapiro.
Craig is a Health and Physical Education Teacher/Coach/Trainer and positivity provider going on 33+ years from Southampton, Pennsylvania.
wellness expert, specializing in strength, nutrition, and mindset shifting.
author of the upcoming book: Dream Big – stories and strategies for a successful classroom.
you may know him simply by the nickname ‘Shap’.
he is a beacon of joy and brings a flood of positivity wherever he goes.
we met a few years ago through the #teachpos Twitter chat that he hosts weekly each Sunday at 7:30pm EST (insert shameless plug here, because you will not find a better space to gain new friends!) and I have followed him ever since.
if I had to describe him in just a few words on a list – a ‘SHAP-LIST’ actually (that’s what he’s fabulously known for by his friends) it would be:
and Loyal
this unedited, authentic monologue is genuinely a picture of WHO he is to so many of us who know + love him.
lessons from Shap…
being genuine + real is of great importance and has a huge impact.
kindness, empathy, and choosing words wisely.
giving a smile, a handshake, and being willing to help.
accept compliments without excusing them.
taking the most out of life, making the lives of others better, and always looking at the bright side.
embrace your influence. YOU make a difference.
connect with Craig here:
Twitter: @Shapiro_wths AND @Positively_well
TikTok: Chatting with Shap @cmsdreambig
Instagram: @wtcccoach