37 – recovering + redefining the rules

Jillian DuBoisMoments of ImpartED Joy Podcast

I was raised from a young age that it was best to stay within the firm boundaries of the rules that were laid out for me.

And I pretty much complied.

I did not want to risk losing the respect or love of my family, so I set up some pretty unrealistic expectations for myself as I grew older. Those led to creating unhealthy habits that ruptured into pathways of anxiety and stress.

Let me be completely clear in saying that I am the only one who created those expectations.

After years of putting myself through adverse emotional conditions, I decided it was time to reposition myself to accept peace and grace through flexible rules that would not dictate my success.

It’s not a perfect blueprint, but it is one that is fluid and can be adjusted to meet the standards that I desire for my life. Click To Tweet