Whole Learning with Jen Perry EP 234

Tre Gammagethe dash, The Dash Podcast

Tre’ Gammage · Whole Learning With Jen Perry Of Edmentum EP 234 What does it mean to be a whole learner? Edmentum is one of the oldest ed tech companies celebrating 60 years! Director of Whole learning joins the Dash to talk about Edmentums tools like Reading Eggs, Apex & Study Island. We’ll also explore her journey though elite institutions, … Read More

How to Ask for Help as a Struggling School Leader with Dr. Martinez EP 233

Tre Gammagethe dash, The Dash Podcast

Tre’ Gammage · How To Ask For Help As A Struggling School Leader With Dr. Martinez EP 233 Welcome to episode 233 of The Dash Podcast, featuring special guest Dr. Efrain Martinez, school principal and podcast host of Wisdom & Productivity. In this inspiring episode, Dr. Martinez will share his stories, vulnerabilities and tips as a school principal. He’ll talk … Read More

Show 103: SEL with Structure and Purpose

Ken EhrmannpowerED Up Podcast

This show has it all and our guest Wendy Turner, 2017 Delaware Teacher of the Year, brings the fire! She is passionate from the get-go of the conversation up until the last minute.  She is all in on students, teachers, and social and emotional learning.  She clearly defines the how and the why of SEL in classrooms. Starting a career … Read More

Strive For Happiness with Robert Dunlop EP 232

Tre Gammagethe dash, The Dash Podcast

Tre’ Gammage · Strive For Happiness With Robert Dunlop EP 232 Welcome to The Dash podcast! Today, we are discussing the topic of peaks and valleys, and how to strive for happiness with our special guest, Robert Dunlop, author of Strive for Happiness. We’ll be exploring the various indicators of happiness, and discussing the importance of developing routines that can … Read More

44 – delivering joy with authenticity – feat. Craig Shapiro

Jillian DuBoisMoments of ImpartED Joy Podcast

this episode highlights another one of my favorite humans who leads by example. my dear friend, Craig Shapiro.   Craig is a Health and Physical Education Teacher/Coach/Trainer and positivity provider going on 33+ years from Southampton, Pennsylvania. wellness expert, specializing in strength, nutrition, and mindset shifting. author of the upcoming book: Dream Big – stories and strategies for a successful … Read More