Facts And Feelings The Rise Of SEL EP 226

Tre Gammagethe dash, The Dash Podcast

Tre’ Gammage · Facts And Feelings The Rise Of SEL EP 226 Facts and feelings aren’t the same! In this episode, we’ll explore facts about SEL and some feelings that are getting in the way of making our students thrive!   1:28 20% of kids experience mental illness or bullying 4:16 The rise of SEL 6:32 Some schools moving away … Read More

Explaining SEL to parents EP 225

Tre Gammagethe dash, The Dash Podcast

Tre’ Gammage · Explaining SEL to parents EP 225 It’s a critical moment for SEL, and we need our parents to be involved. When we can’t get things done on campus its our parents that are going to help us out or leave us hanging. Listen to episode 225 to understand why explaining SEL to parents is so important! 1:34 … Read More

How to approach SEL implementation EP 224

Tre Gammagethe dash, The Dash Podcast

Tre’ Gammage · How To Approach SEL Implementation EP 224   There’s a systematic approach to SEL implementation. In this’ week’s article, we’ll break down 10 steps you can take to gain traction with SEL. In an article from Hechinger report – https://bit.ly/3D9AClw 1:10 – Getting started with SEL 2:28 – Budget = Priority 8:45 – Before you select an … Read More

Action Research on SEL Practices: Featuring Jorge Valenzuela

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

Aspire to Lead, Jorge Valenzuela, Joshua Stamper, SEL, Emotional Intelligence

This week’s guest, Jorge Valenzuela, shares his journey of how he was introduced to Emotional Intelligence in his personal life and how he used his action research to help districts implement sound SEL practices on their campuses.  In this episode, we discuss: “Learning Walks” to Provide Feedback  The Importance of Gathering Data for Action Research And his new podcast, SEL … Read More

Episode #186: Gopi Schomaker

Dana GoodierOut of the Trenches Podcast

Mother Gopi Gita guides parents in leadership to empower their child’s social environments. Her clients’ grown children lead teams across the US. As vice principal of a private school, and educational consultant for an international society, she mentors thousands of parents, educators and children using classic bhakti principles from the east. Her new book Leadership Parenting: empower your child’s social success Get It … Read More