49 – the deep cleansing breath of joy – feat. darrin peppard

Jillian DuBoisMoments of ImpartED Joy Podcast


Today’s episode shifts to my Moments of Imparted Joy Podcast Guests Series

A little space where someone besides myself shares answers to a few questions simply about… JOY.

My wonderful guest today is one of my best friends, Darrin Peppard.

Darrin currently resides in Omaha, NE, with his lovely wife, Jess.

He is the Lead Innovator at Road to Awesome whose mission is to cultivate leaders by elevating voices and promoting positivity.

He is an author, publisher, speaker, and consultant focused on what matters most in leadership.

He is the host of the Leaning Into Leadership Podcast and a proud team member of the Teach Better Podcast network.

I’ve known Darrin for several years now and consider him + Jess like family. I used to kid that he was like the brother that I never knew I needed (or wanted).

Seriously, he is one of THE most supportive + encouraging humans I know, and he deeply respects and is fiercely protective of his circle of friends.


Darrin took a few minutes to answer the three questions asked.

How do you deliver JOY to others?

How do you receive JOY from others?

What does JOY mean to you?

While this is not a live recording, you will get to know his heart in only 2 short minutes.

He believes in surrounding yourself with the kind of people who lift you up, who make you better, who want what’s best for each other + who root each other on…THIS is what he is genuinely ALL about.

You can find all of Darrin’s contact information in the show notes below – if you need another amazing human in your life…he’s the guy.

Professional speaker, leadership coach, & author helping leaders gain clarity, walk in purpose, and find joy in their work – 🎙 Leaning into Leadership Podcast






If you would like to be featured as a Moments of Imparted Joy Podcast Guest, please email me at jilliande412@gmail.com and I will send you the link to respond! I’m all about sharing voices of positivity + hope!